Client Features
Hover the mouse over the image below to see all the client functions.
Cam Recorder:
- to start recording, you have to be offline.
- click on the icon and log in the game.
- recording will start automatically.
- to stop recording, click on this icon. Hotkeys (while watching the recording):
- Right - speed-up recording.
- Left - slow recording.
- Space - pause recording.
Connection ping.
Game client FPS.
Hide party members.
Hide non skull players.
Hide monsters.
Hide npcs.
Hide players.
Show unjustified frags from the last:
- 24 hours.
- 7 days.
- 30 days.
Welcome to Tekania!
Other commands.
Minimap (ctrl+m).
Battle (ctrl+b).
Viplist (ctrl+p).
Inventory (ctrl+i).
Skills (ctrl+s).
Skills (ctrl+s).
Health Information.
Health bar.
Mana bar.
Experience bar.
Character conditions (ex. Hunger).
Combat mode:
- full attack.
- balance attack.
- defensive attack.
follow mode.
secure mode.
unjustified frags.
Buy a house:
- you need a premium account.
- you have to be at level 35.
- you have to pay entry price.
- you have to pay rent price.
Premium account:
- click to receive bought premium account.
Players online:
- click to view the online list.
- hover to see online count.
- click to make a screenshot.
Ignore players:
- click to view the ignore players list.
- click to view the channels.
- open a private message channel.
Clear selected window:
- click to clear current message window.
Close selected window:
- click to close current message window.
Select next channel:
- you can press the [tab] key.
WSAD mode:
- click to enable WSAD mode.
- chat window will be disabled.
Game client shortcuts:
  • [shift] + [rightclick] on target - follow on the creature.
  • [shift] + [rightclick] on container - open the container in new window.
  • [leftclick] diagonally from the player - move your character diagonally.
  • [ctrl] + [shift] + [M] - open the full minimap.
  • [ctrl] + [q] - logout from the game.
  • [ctrl] + [g] - view the character list.
  • [ctrl] + [n] - hide creature name.
  • [ctrl] + [r] - send a report (wait for a gamemaster to reply).